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    How to Use Electric Razor Correctly

    How to Use Electric Razor Correctly
    Shaving is an inevitable grooming ritual for most men especially when they reach a certain phase in their lives called growing facial hairs. Learning how to shave seems daunting. How to use an electric razor on your face feels even more so.

    If it's your first time using an electric razor, here are some tips that can make this experience and shaving upgrade easier, comfortable and convenient for you.

    What to use before electric shaving:

    Before starting off your shaving routine, it is important to do the proper prepping to get the best shave.

    Dry Shaving:

    1. Be sure to read the manual carefully. Understand the do's and don't when using your electric razor.

    2. Wash your face and pat it dry. The most important part of this shaving is to keep your skin DRY. Some men don’t shower first when doing a dry shaving routine to prevent any moisture from skin.

    3. Use a pre-shave lotion. Although keeping your skin dry is important, making your flat-lying hairs stand straight is also important. Use a pre-shave lotion or powder to eliminate any moisture and keep your hair strands straight for easy shaving.

    4. Be sure to keep the shaver properly charged. Many shavers lose their shaving power when the battery is almost drained leaving you uneven shaves. Make sure to have sufficient battery power or have it properly charged before starting the routine. Also, make sure the foils are properly lubricated or in good condition to prevent any damage to your skin.

    5. Trim to manageable length. If you haven’t shaved for a while, it is best to trim your beard first to a manageable length. Going close shaves or trimming fully-grown facial hair can cause issues with your electric razor. Start from a reasonable length and work your way in for a closer shave.

    6. Start from the trickiest parts to shave. There are parts of your face where hair grows thickest and more difficult to shave. That’s the best part to start your shaving. This is because this part requires more time and attention to shave. Not to mention that your razor is on its peak power  to work on those areas. A lot of men find the neck and jaw hairs most difficult to trim or shave because of the angles and directions the razor needs to move.  

    Wet Shaving:

    There’s no doubt about it – a wet shave is the best way of getting the perfect close shave. And like many other self-care routines, learning how to wet shave your face is a skill that can be honed. We’re going to show you how to wet shave your face like a professional in just a few simple steps.


    If you want a perfectly close shave, then a wet shave is the best way to groom. It’s a self-care routine that may require some honing but definitely can be done in a few simple steps. 


    Pre-shave routine


    Unlike the dry shave, a wet shave routine requires preparation.  You have to soften your stubbles to maximize the efficiency of your shaver and get a better closer shave. 


    Clean your face

    Some people prefer to shave while in the shower or right after stepping out of the shower. Whatever your preference is, make sure to pat your face. This ensures your skin and hair is soft.


    Lubricate your bristles

    Moisturize your skin and hair for an easier glide. Applying a pre-shave oil on your stubbles is a great way to a smoother shave especially if you have sensitive skin. 


    Give your shaver a dip 

    Run water preferably warm water on your shaver before shaving. You may run under tap water or shower, whichever is your preference.  Shake the water off your shaver. Do not tap it on the sink or wall. 


    Create a good lather

    Apply a good coating on your face. You may opt to apply shaving cream or shaving soap. Whichever is your preference, make sure to create a good lather for a smoother glide when shaving. Avoid applying the lather in a circular motion to prevent the hair from tightening. Simply apply the cream on your face in an upward motion to lift the hair.  





    • Run your shaver for a few seconds under a warm tap or shower. This makes shaving easier to glide on your skin.
    • Shave with the grain, not against it.  Make short and gentle strokes in the same direction as the hair growth. Shaving in the same direction prevents possible nicks, burns, and irritation. It makes a close and smoother shave too.  
    • Shave at 30 degrees angle or whichever angle is most comfortable to you. Glide the shaver across your face smoothly. 
    • Be gentle when shaving. Make short smooth strokes. Don’t press too hard on your skin.  Let your razor work. Pressing too hard on your skin may cause cuts, irritation, and uneven shave