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    About Viper Shaver 


    Viper Shaver is designed to give you a faster, closer and gentler shave.

    It uses a unique 7D Multi-Flex technology that allows you to move the shaver across all contours of your head for a close shave without irritation.

    The 7 Dual-ring shaver blade heads design can cut 2x more hair in a single stroke. More blade heads mean less passes over your skin, so that you can achieve faster, closer and irritation-free shave!

    The Viper Shaver is designed for fast-growing, thick hairs and can easily cover large shaving areas.



    Viper Shaver features rotary blades that allow you to shave from any direction that you like.

    For best results, we recommend that you move in small circular motions while shaving so you’ll be able to shave every inch of your skull faster, closer and without irritations.



    You can use Viper Shaver depending on your shaving preference. Whether you prefer dry or wet shaving, Viper Shaver offers superior and closest shaves.



    Yes. Viper Shaver is designed for shaving all hair types, be it coarse or thin hair.

    While certain hair types require more preparation beforehand, Viper Shaver is safe to use for all skin types and hair types. It also comes with five attachments to fit your different shaving needs.



    Yes. Viper Shaver is specially designed for people with sensitive skin to achieve that smooth and close shaves without irritations.

    Our 7D Multi-Flex Blade Head allows 360 degrees of shaving movement to give you a closer shave over each surface and covers a larger area in one shave to prevent irritation caused by back-and-forth shaving on the same spot.



    Viper Shaver was designed to be used in the shower. It has an IPX6 rating which means it can withstand low-pressure water jet spray and is protected against splashing water from any direction.

    However, please DO NOT submerge it in the water for a long period of time as this may damage your shaver.

    When using Viper Shaver in the shower, please ensure that you have disconnected your shaver from any charging devices. After use, please dry the shaver with a soft cloth and ensure that it has been fully air-dried before connecting to any charging devices.



    Viper Shaver is ideal for both dry and wet shaving. For wet shaving, it depends on your preference whether to use any shaving lubricant or with just water.

    However, we do recommend using shaving gel, foam or cream over shaving oil.

    This is because shaving oil can build-up in the blades and become difficult to clean. You can still use shaving oil but do remember to clean thoroughly from time to time to prevent damage to your shaver blades.



    Yes. While the Viper Shaver is best known for its easy head shaving, you can also use it to shave your face, body, and "down unda". You won't be disappointed with its versatility.


    Care Instructions


    Viper Shaver can be easily recharged using the USB Type-C cable that comes with your shaver. Charge your shaver from almost any USB port, battery pack, or wall adapter that outputs 5 volts or less.

    DO NOT use any charging adapter that outputs more than 5 volts/1amp! Using any charging adapter with output exceeding this spec will void your warranty and may damage the shaver.



    The Viper Shaver takes about 2 hours to fully charge from a completely dead battery.

    Each charge can last for about 90 minutes of cordless shaving, which should be enough for 30 days of use, depending on your shaving habits and the size of the shave areas.



    Definitely. All of our shavers are compatible with 120V to 240V voltage around the world. Simply make sure that you are using the correct plug adapter that outputs 5 volts/1 amp. Our USB Type-C cable allows you to charge your shaver from almost any wall adapter, battery pack, or USB port of your electronic device.



    It's super easy to clean the Viper Shaver rotary blade and keep it clean. But before you start cleaning, make sure that you switch it off and you remove the electric shaver from the charging cable.

    1. Flex the blades. Using your fingers, lift the lids of each blade to reveal the compartments inside. For the center blade, turn it counter clockwise until a snap is heard. Pull it up to remove it.

    2. Wash it directly under a running tap but don't soak it in water.

    3. Let it air-dry. Don't wipe the shaving head part to avoid damage.

    4. Once the lids are dry, close them down and lock them into place. For the center blade, just insert it until you hear the snap.



    It is highly recommended to replace the blade head every 3 to 6 months for hygiene purposes and best shaving performance.

    Any damaged blade head should be replaced immediately to prevent injuries.



    Viper Shaver is a 5-in-1 grooming shaver. It comes with replaceable heads including a 7 head rotary blade, precision clipper, nose & ear hair trimmer, exfoliating brush, and pre-shave massager.

    Simple steps to change the heads to suit your needs:

    1. To change the shaver head, simply pull it out of the shaver.

    2. Select your preferred shaving head.

    3. Insert your preferred shaving head and lock in place.


    Shipping, Return, Refund and Warranty


    Cancellations of orders made within 24 hours of purchase will be accepted. Cancellations after 24 hours will not be accepted as stocks are already sent out for international delivery. Please reach out our customer service at for the cancellation or orders.



    The typical shipping process usually takes between 10 and 30 business days from the shipment date, delivery may vary depending on the availability of the courier service and location.

    However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, shipping carriers are experiencing delays.

    In case of unexpected circumstances, you can always get an update or track your package using the tracking number we will provide for you or you can contact us at



    We accept returns within 30 days of purchase for unopened products with all tags intact. However, no refunds or exchanges are offered for purchases after 30 days.

    In order to initiate the return, please follow the procedures below:

    1. Make sure that the products are unopened and that you have proof of purchase.

    2. Please contact our customer service department at to obtain our warehouse address and return the product. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

    3. Please send us your return receipt with tracking information by emailing us or using the “Contact Us” form in our website.

    4. After we validate and receive returned products, we will issue a refund within 3-5 business days.

    For more information, kindly refer to our Return and Refund policy.



    Yes. We offer 1 year limited warranty for our Viper Shaver.



    Our 1 year limited warranty only covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects that cause the Viper Shaver to malfunction.

    Normal wear and tear also not covered by this warranty. Consumable items such as shaver blades, replacement blades and other accessories are also excluded from this 1 year limited warranty.



    To be eligible for this warranty, please follow procedures below:

    1. Ensure you must have purchased the shaver from our official website,, and proof of purchase must be provided.

    2. Please contact our customer service department at to obtain our warehouse address, return the defectives shaver. However, you will be responsible to pay return shipping cost.

    3. Please send us your return receipt with tracking information by emailing us or using the “Contact Us” form in our website.

    4. After we received the defective shaver, we will ship and replace your defective unit with a NEW Viper Shaver at NO COST to you.

    For more information, kindly refer to our Warranty policy.



    You can purchase and put one address first and email us at for the other address.

    Alternatively, u can also make a few individual purchase transaction for each of the person you want to ship to.


    Contact Us


    For any concerns or inquiries, simply email us at or contact us via our social media messenger.

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