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    Electric Razor vs Normal Razor: Is Electric Razor Better Than Razor?

    Electric Razor vs Normal Razor: Is Electric Razor Better Than Razor?

    At some point in a boy’s life, facial hair starts growing and he begins to groom himself to maintain a well-shaven or clean-shaven face. With a myriad of razors and electric shavers in the market, which one is actually better to use? Is using an electric shaver actually better for you, or should you try the age-old proven method of manual razor? Let’s see the pros and cons.

    Manual razor

    A manual razor has been around for ages and is probably one that everyone knows how to use. It has been around so long and seems to be not going anywhere. Here’s why: 


    • A manual razor is the best option if you want the closest shave and smooth finish. Using a manual razor on a wet shave gives you a cleaner and silky smooth finish for a longer period. 
    • Takes hair longer to grow back
    • Travel- friendly and easy to clean
    • Easily replaceable blades to keep it sanitary
    • Cost-effective and available in almost any store 


    • The problem with anything manual is it takes a longer time to finish
    • It requires replacement every after 4-5 shaves because the blades get dull 
    • Requires a wet shave for better results - water, foam, moisturizer
    • Skin is more prone to cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair
    • Takes a few more close shaves


    Electric razor: 

    An electric razor is another option to get a hair shave. Perhaps the most advantage it offers is to save time on the grooming rituals. Here are other reasons why some people prefer the electric razor. 



    • Takes fewer products to prep and use 
    • Saves time to shave 
    • More versatile. Many electric razors have interchangeable blades and heads for different lengths and varying shaving style
    • Dry and wet shaving are both okay with electric razors
    • Travel-friendly because you have less to pack - no shaving creams, foams, and moisturizers
    • Skin-friendly. Reduces skin irritation and is best for those with sensitive skin. 
    • Fewer nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair


    • Can be pricey 
    • Doesn’t go as close as manual shaving
    • Costly and harder to replace. 


    Which one is better for you, a manual razor or an electric shaver?


    Depending on your grooming requirement, both offer advantages. However, if you want to have a close and clean-shaven face and you don’t mind spending some time shaving, then go for a manual razor. Using a manual razor to keep your face clean for an event is the best option. 

    If you value speed and efficiency and don't really mind less-shaven hair, then an electric razor is a better option. If you have sensitive skin and can’t use products like shaving foam and cleanser, it is best to stick with an electric razor.